Preparing To Repaint Your Home?

Preparing To Repaint Your Home?

Buy exterior and interior paint from our Pleasant Valley, NY store

Are you interested in getting started on a painting project of your own? Painting any part of your home requires careful planning, the perfect colors and the right tools to get the job done right. Visit Miller Hardware in Pleasant Valley, NY to find exterior paint, interior paint and any tools you might need to complete your project.

Purchase brushes, stains, tapes, drop cloths, ladders and more. We'll help you gather everything you'll want for a professional look. Call 845-635-8100 today or visit our hardware store to speak with a local painting expert.

5 simple tips to make your home painting project a breeze

Once you've purchased all of your interior or exterior paint and tools from Miller Hardware in Pleasant Valley, NY, consider a few of these simple tips for a stress-free painting process:

  1. Clean your walls ahead of time
  2. Tape your trim, windows and doorframes
  3. Apply primer to give the finished coat a more uniform appearance
  4. Use a small brush to finish any areas you can't reach with the roller
  5. Use a two-inch angled brush for easy trim painting after the walls are finished

Want more tips? Talk to our trained and knowledgeable home improvement experts. We're a local hardware store you can trust for friendly service and sound advice about exterior and interior paint in Pleasant Valley, NY.